About Us


Jai Parvati Global School shall open the gates of its campus in April-2015 to its first co-educational intake of students. Located at Village – Ramala, 12 Kms from Baraut, the school is being constructed on more than 6 acres campus that is conducive to the students learning & development process. Every classroom is designed to be airy, spacious & comfortable for the little buds to blossom.

In its year of commencement -2015, admissions have been open for Nursery till standard 8th . The school will gradually grow to its full level till 12th in the years to come under the proposed affiliation of CBSE board.


RESPECT – To value the feelings & rights of all the people within our community.

SELF DISCIPLINE – To help us to achieve our ambitions with the power to control the mind...... "He that cannot obey, cannot command"

PASSION – It provides the catalyst for learning to ignite....... "Do it with passion or not at all."

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Always have a positive atitude in life. There is something positive in every person......."Even a stopped watch is right twice a day."

RESPONSIBILITY – We can be trusted to carry out our tasks independently & take control of our actions.


To create an institution where creativity, exploration & imagination make learning exciting & each learner aspires to reach his/her dreams.


Our aim is to guide, prepare & inspire our students to be their best in the dynamic global community.


At JAI PARVATI GLOBAL School, our teaching methods are designed to fulfill the future needs. Our teachers will employ a variety of teaching strategies in the classroom and would be trained to listen to the voice of the learner and bring out the best in each child. They will also actively engage them in interactions. This will be achieved through group work and whole-class instruction, which can be very active if it involves open discussion and learners responding and presenting rather than the teacher constantly lecturing.